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Two Raymond Carver Stories Read

January 22, 2013

On Raymond Carver’s “A Serious Talk”

January 18, 2013

Carver’s A Serous Talk

Article on Gordon Lish, Raymond Carver and Barry Hannah

January 18, 2013


carver hannah lish critiquelish youngcarver hannah lish critique

House of Leaves Essay

January 18, 2013

House Leaves Essay

Pt. 2 Project Camelot Interview

January 17, 2013

Due to Skype issues and commercials every 12 minutes, Kerry Cassidy will continue her interview with me on Friday, Feb. 1, at Revolution Radio, that does not have commericals.


Project Camelot Interview

January 16, 2013

Kerry Cassidy will interview me on Project Camelot. Tune in Wednesday, January 16, 7 PM Pacific, 10 PM Eastern, on American Freedom Radio. I will be jumping into it right after The Art of Dreaming on Revolution Radio.

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Talkin’ Aliens

January 12, 2013