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House of Lust ebook

March 2, 2013

The ebook is now out there from Constable Robinson.

House of lust


House of Dreams Trilogy: A Modern Erotic Classic

October 4, 2012

My out of print trilogy from Blue Moon days, House of Dreams, will be reprinted in ebook form, all three books under one cover, by Constable Robinson in the UK, for a series called Modern Erotic Classucs. Possible US print edition.

July 11 Show About Vintage Paperbacks and Prestor John

July 13, 2012

Mammoth Books Presents: The Best of Hemmingson

July 13, 2012

Robinson UK’s ebook collection of five works (two novellas, three stories) published in various Mammoth Book anthologies between 1997 and 2010.

Buy here.

Ebook Reprint of The Naughty Yard

May 29, 2012

My first novel, published in 1994 by Permeable Press, long out of print, is now available in an ebook edition from The Obelisk Library. New Afterword by moi.

Kindle here.

BN Nook here.

Smashwords here.


Vivacious Vixens Paperback Now Available

April 10, 2012

My second 2012 book, Vivavious Vixens and Blackmail Babes, is now available in a print edition, published as Wildside Mystery Double #9, back-to-back with Gary Lovisi’s hardboiled, Violence is the Only Answer.

Vivacious is a 40,000 word collection of a short novel and four stories with themes of women who blackmail men.

Available at all the usual online bookstores or direct from the publisher.

Ebook version available as well, but as a stand alone, not the double.

Vivacious Vixens & Blackmail Babes

February 11, 2012

Ebook is now up at Amazon Kindle. The paperback version, back to back with a collection from Gary Lovisi, will be avaiable in a week or two.

Wildside Press didn’t go for the reprocessed McGinnis and Macquire covers I came up with….so I will publish them here for your eyes: