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Radio Auto-Ethnography: The Art of the Self-Interview on The Art of Dreaming

January 22, 2013


There are two curious post-modernist texts a writer can engage in reflexively: reviewing one’s own book, and the self-interview.

Using the auto/ethnographic lens, I will interview myself on my show, The Art of Dreaming on Revolution Radio, January 23, 5PM Pacific, 8PM Eastern.

I will talk about things he was not able to get to during his Project Camelot interview: working in Hollywood as a writer.  I shall discuss the ups and downs of getting his books and scripts optioned but not developed and financed, shooting a pilot for CBS and Sony that didn’t pass muster with the Madison Avenue guys’ focus groups so was never aired, dealing with players, liars, con artists and nymphomaniacs that plague Tinsel Town, and weird experiences and encounters with people like Ray Liotta, Dean Cain, Vincent Gallo, Bruce Willis and Winona Ryder.  I will relate what it took to get a low-budget indie film made, winning awards at Slamdance and various festivals, taking a short documentary to Cannes, and surviving as a writer in LaLaLand.

My Radio Show, A Separate Reality, Begins!

April 14, 2012

April 14 is the inaugural broadcast of my radio show, A Separate Reality, on Revolution Radio accessed at It is simulcast here and there on the net and available on a number of low-wattage small FM stations around the country, and of course worldwide online.

This is something I have been wanting to do for a long time.

First hour will be me ranting a la monologist about various topics political and paranormal; second hour will be interviews with guests, and my first guest for the first show is Ronald Malfi. I will be broadcasting from Sedona, Arizona, for the first show, Portland, Oregon for the next, and then Los Angeles for others. The cool thing about internet radio, or even regular radio, is you can do it anywhere; all you need is your computer and Skype, or even just a phone. Skype is better for sound with a headset, linking to the station server, and taking phone calls.

Showtime: Saturdays 3-5 pm PST, 5-7 pm CST, 6-8 pm EST. Shows will also be available in the archives at freedomslips and put on Youtube.

I am negotiating also doing a Wednesday prime time slot, 5-7 pm PST, 8-10 pm EST, probably called The Art of Dreaming which will focus on working on the entertainment business in Hollywood: breaking in, trying to sell TV shows and movies, studio films vs. indie films, making a living as an extra, making a living as a TV writer, actor, producer, whatever — Tinsel Town is the “dream” for so many, but how many actually obtain it? How many fight for it? How many are destined, and how many dreams are shattered by a ruthless dream-making industry where the fear of success, and the hatred of it, is something to battle against, and the epitome of either failure or accomplishment.This show may start Wed., April 18, or the following week.

The Watermelon Pirated!

August 10, 2009

MoiThe Watermelon is now pireated online via WiseVid, zShare, BigBuffer, Mega, and others….see here.

Would still rather ya buy a copy or rent from Netflix.

So when your film gets pirated, does that you mean you officailly arrived on the Hollywood map?

The Watermelon now Available

July 14, 2009


My first feature film, that I wrote, The Watermelon, was released to the market July 7 by Celebrity Video Distributors.

93 minutes, romantic comedy of sorts/quirky indie film.  You can rent it at Netflix or Blockbuster and other speciality services, at your local vid rental store, or you can buy a copy to have and hold at all major retail outlets: Amazon,,, WalMart, Target, etc.

The producers are arranging for some limited theatrical runs in New Haven and Portland; we’re working on getting it in the Red Kiosks, and working on selling foreign rights.

The first of many movies to come from me…others are in various stages of development — a TV show or two, which I will discuss later as things happen.

The Watermelon — Out in July, Yo!

May 26, 2009

The distruibutor has the film I wrote — the film based on my screenplay, that is — The Watermelon, listed on its site.

Street date: July 7, 2009.

You can rent from Netfix or Blockbuster, but that’s not the same as having your very own copy to have and to hold.


New Trailer for My Film

April 27, 2009

Life in Zona Norte

April 26, 2009

The Watermelon

April 8, 2009

Recording the writer’s audio commentary for the DVD extras of The Watermelon today. DVD and Blu-Ray set for July 4 release from Celebrity Video Distrib.

Am I a filmmaker yet?

Zona Norte

March 29, 2009

I am writing  this blog about my short documentary project set in Tijuna’s zona norte district.

A few things…

March 23, 2009

Will be doing writer’s audio commentary for DVD extras of The Watermelon, out this summer in a package deal from Celebrity Video Distribution.

Will be shooting sort doc in Tijuana early April.

May be writing a book on micro blogging for Polity, a great academic publisher in the UK.

Got copy ed’s notes for my story, “The Barbing Wrecking Yard,” to be in the Morbid Curiosity anthology from Scribner this Fall.

Turned in some book reviews for Forum: Qualitative Social Research.

Am reviewing William T. Vollmann’s IMPERIAL (1300 pages!) for American Book Review.

My screenplay adapt of Frank Norris’ McTEAGUE, that I call THE GOLD TOOTH, is in competition at the Beverly Hills Film Festival next month.

Still behind on deadlines for various books — when am I not?