Still Life with Iguana

My novella, “The Journalist and the Moon,” to be re-titled “Still Life with Iguana,” won the Iron Horse Literary Review Single Author Competition for a Novella, judged by Bill Roorbach. On their blog here. What is it with me and novellas? My first book, The Naughty Yard, was a novella (available now in ebook form from Obelisk Library). Most of my novels are short (under 200 pages) but they are getting longer.

Working on revisions of the novella now, a few days late, the traveling and being a sudden single father gets in the way. “Still Life with Iguana” will be published in two months alone as issue 15.6 of Iron Horse Literary Review.


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2 Comments on “Still Life with Iguana”

  1. Hello! Has your Lish book been published? I don’t see it on Routeldge’s site, & a google search just turns up a few outrageously priced copies on sketchy websites. If it’s finished, but unpublished, can I buy an ebook copy directly from you? I’m not an academic, so I won’t be citing it anywhere. I’m just a reader.

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