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Wild Changes

September 23, 2013

Wild changes in the old life. I now have custody of my child, extracted her from a horrible future in Tijuana. We are hanging out in Portland for a while and then flying to France for 3 weeks, then will come back and settle into a new life in Los Angeles.



Poem about Rosina Talamantes…

September 10, 2013

Had come across some poems online on old ex- using a 14 line sonnet format, which inspired me to write this poem now on Eyeshot, part of a collection titled The Mystic Writing Pad, with others in it soon showing up in Hobart, Gargoyle, New Orleans Review, Georgetown Review, etc…dig the pic of William T. Vollmann, for ref. to Fathers and Crows in the text…


The Chronotope/Poison from a Dead Sun Print Edition – Wildside Double #32

September 7, 2013