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First Hour – Art of Dreaming

April 22, 2012

The Art of Dreaming — Wednesday Evening Show April 18

April 17, 2012

I will have a second show on Revolution Radio, Wednesdays in prime time slot 5-7 PM PST, 8-10 PM EST. My guest/co-host will be cult actress and director, Tammi Sutton. We will talk about the grand dream that is breaking into and maintaining status in the Hollywood reality.

I will be broadcasting from Portland, Oregon and Tammi from Los Angeles.

First Show!

April 17, 2012

Put the inaugural broadcast of A Separate Reality on YouTube in two files, first hour and second hour.

My Radio Show, A Separate Reality, Begins!

April 14, 2012

April 14 is the inaugural broadcast of my radio show, A Separate Reality, on Revolution Radio accessed at It is simulcast here and there on the net and available on a number of low-wattage small FM stations around the country, and of course worldwide online.

This is something I have been wanting to do for a long time.

First hour will be me ranting a la monologist about various topics political and paranormal; second hour will be interviews with guests, and my first guest for the first show is Ronald Malfi. I will be broadcasting from Sedona, Arizona, for the first show, Portland, Oregon for the next, and then Los Angeles for others. The cool thing about internet radio, or even regular radio, is you can do it anywhere; all you need is your computer and Skype, or even just a phone. Skype is better for sound with a headset, linking to the station server, and taking phone calls.

Showtime: Saturdays 3-5 pm PST, 5-7 pm CST, 6-8 pm EST. Shows will also be available in the archives at freedomslips and put on Youtube.

I am negotiating also doing a Wednesday prime time slot, 5-7 pm PST, 8-10 pm EST, probably called The Art of Dreaming which will focus on working on the entertainment business in Hollywood: breaking in, trying to sell TV shows and movies, studio films vs. indie films, making a living as an extra, making a living as a TV writer, actor, producer, whatever — Tinsel Town is the “dream” for so many, but how many actually obtain it? How many fight for it? How many are destined, and how many dreams are shattered by a ruthless dream-making industry where the fear of success, and the hatred of it, is something to battle against, and the epitome of either failure or accomplishment.This show may start Wed., April 18, or the following week.

Vivacious Vixens Paperback Now Available

April 10, 2012

My second 2012 book, Vivavious Vixens and Blackmail Babes, is now available in a print edition, published as Wildside Mystery Double #9, back-to-back with Gary Lovisi’s hardboiled, Violence is the Only Answer.

Vivacious is a 40,000 word collection of a short novel and four stories with themes of women who blackmail men.

Available at all the usual online bookstores or direct from the publisher.

Ebook version available as well, but as a stand alone, not the double.