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New Cover for The Trouble with Tramps

December 31, 2011


William T. Vollmann: An Annotated Bibliography

December 20, 2011

Ships Dec. 28!

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“Sunlight Reflections on a Crushed Beer Can” on Kindle and Smashwords

December 5, 2011

Original story now on Kindle ebooks and at Smashwords in various e-formats. It is a sample from my forthcoming collection, Vivacious Vixens and Blackmail Babes, from Borgo/Wildside as a crime double.

For a buck fifty, why not?

“Backstage Sinners” on Kindle and Smashwords

December 5, 2011

Short story, “Backstage Sinners,” up as a Kindle ebook and at Smashwords in various ebook formats.

Originally published in 2000 in the anthology, Murder Through the Ages, edited by Maxim Jakubowski. as “The Playwrights.”

For 99 cents, why the hell not?

I remember quite well the solemn night I wrote this in October, 1999, in the Las Flores Hotel in downtown San Diego, with a 12-pack of beer, just before some bad juu mojo went down in my life…that I bounced back from quite gallantly by Thanksgiving. The acceptance of the story by the anthology editor helped. I had yet to sign with a major publisher, but would six months later with Tor/Forge and Wild Turkey.

“The Lust Damned” on Kindle and Smashwords

December 5, 2011

Novella, “The Lust Damned or: Long Island Iced Tea” now up as a Kindle ebook and at SMashwords in several eBook formats. Originally published as “Long Island Iced Tea” in the Prime Books anthology, The Urban Bizarre, and in Hardboiled Magazine #34.

I remember starting this one at the San Diego Writer’s Conference, 2001.

For 99 cents, why not?

Rominna Ready for Winter

December 5, 2011