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Dwellers of the Upper East Side, E. 91st St…

September 27, 2011

Me and Rominna in New York

September 25, 2011

Manhattan Notes: Rominna is Six Months Old Now

September 20, 2011

Kindle Trek

September 16, 2011

My Star Trek critical book is now available via Kindle. I do prefer the printed and bound edition, albeit more pricey and a “true” book, but this does seem to be the future of “the book” now gone back to a codex and a scroll…

New Chapbook of Seven Stories

September 12, 2011

Ophelia Press has published a 44-page chapbook of seven older stories of mine, Eating Kristy’s Feet and Other Stories, which appeared in my Venus Book Club original, Seven Women, and in WTF: An Avant-Porn Anthology, Fedora IV, and the old Masquerade Journal.

A couple stories from this one will also be in a future collection, Mysterium…not sure when it will be out because I don’t have a publisher yet.

Carver Bio

September 12, 2011

Hey, Googler, my Raymond Carver life project is an interpretive biography, not critical, although there will be some critical aspects to certain stories that relate to his life story.

I am applying Norman K. Denzin’s Interpretative Biography as my lense — a sociological approach rather than literary, per se. Denzin’s method is to focus on pinpoints of epiphany in the subject’s life, which Carver had many: the day he met his first wife,  his first story published, his first story in a major magazine, the day he quit drinking, his first collection, his first NYTBR glow, meeting his second wife, etc.

Book is not done. We are most likely looking at a late 2012 pub date, or early 2013.

Fun in New York

September 8, 2011

The great thing about New York City is that there is always something cool to do, 24/7. Not to mention the 24/7 food trucks. But the best part of Manhattan is the vibrant literary community, large and small; the publishers, the agents, the bookstores…which means buying books, more books, too many books. How will I take all these books back to Los Angeles in November? Maybe I will ship them via UPS Ground…