This Finger is for YOU

Hi there, pal! Hey I SEE YOU GOOGLIN’ my name almost every day and you know what? I know WHO you are and WHERE you are and WHY you are trying to dig up info on me, what I am doing and where I currently am, i.e., what city and state.

…and you know what, pal? You ain’t ever gone find the right info and you ain’t ever gonna find where I am.  You know why? Because you ain’t GOOD ENOUGH. You ain’t SMART ENOUGH, beeyotch.  In fact, ya nincompoop-er scooper, you can’t even find your own arse hole in a universe of round circles and square pegs.

So keep tryin’, pal, but it ain’t gonna happen.

And I giggle giddy-like when I think how stupid you truly, sincerely are.

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