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This Finger is for YOU

August 29, 2011

Hi there, pal! Hey I SEE YOU GOOGLIN’ my name almost every day and you know what? I know WHO you are and WHERE you are and WHY you are trying to dig up info on me, what I am doing and where I currently am, i.e., what city and state.

…and you know what, pal? You ain’t ever gone find the right info and you ain’t ever gonna find where I am.  You know why? Because you ain’t GOOD ENOUGH. You ain’t SMART ENOUGH, beeyotch.  In fact, ya nincompoop-er scooper, you can’t even find your own arse hole in a universe of round circles and square pegs.

So keep tryin’, pal, but it ain’t gonna happen.

And I giggle giddy-like when I think how stupid you truly, sincerely are.

Critical article on House of Leaves in Critique

August 20, 2011

Critical essay on the footnotes of Mark Z. Danielewski’s House of Leaves in the new issue of Critique: Studies in Contemporary Fiction. Usual slow pace of academic publishing: wrote in late Spring/summer of 2008 in Los Angelkes, took a year to get peer review notes and then acceptance in 2009 while at Indiana Univ., then a year and a half until publication while I am in New York. In between, the journal went from Heldref Publishing to Taylor and Francis/Routledge.

Vollmann Bibliography Publication and Pre-Order

August 20, 2011

“You got William T. Vollmann eyes!”

My Vollmann Annotated Bibliography has a publication date and is now up at Amazon for pre-order, and Barnes and Noble as well, or direct from the publisher, Roman and Littlefield’s Scarecrow Press.

YOU: Googling My Name Every Day

August 8, 2011

I see you and I know who YOU are.

Rominna Hemmingson says, “I find your stupidity quite fascinating…”

August 6, 2011