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HAITI – A Novella

May 19, 2011

My 110-page novella, Haiti, is forthcoming from The Olympia Press as New Traveler’s Companion #164, in print.

Sensuality and disaster have always been curious bedfellows, lovers of the darkest reaches of the heart of hearts. Tabitha Klass seeks out a personal darkness, a forbidden region of her past, and the sensuality of despair as she leaves the United States and returns to her home country, Haiti, days after the devastating earthquake in January, 2010. In the heart of the heart of that nation, she faces kidnapping, crime, and justice from the wolf disguised as a lamb.

You can get the ebook version here.

A Happy Baby

May 16, 2011

Hard Cold Whisper Now Available

May 16, 2011

Pub date is June 15 but it can be ordered now at, Amazon, etc