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The Trouble with Tramps

March 31, 2010

The Trouble with Tramps is an Orrie Hitt homage/pastiche that you can now get from Black Mask Books or Amazon.


Ourselves or Nothing on Amazon

March 28, 2010

My poetry collection can now be ordered on Amazon.

Ourselves or Nothing

March 25, 2010

The cover to my full-length collection (84 pages) of poetry, Ourselves or Nothing, out soon from The Olympia Press as The New Traveller’s Companion #157.

Yep, that is indeed Dick Cheney on the cover — strange, but for a reason (the opening poem is about 9/11).

Current Projects for 2010

March 16, 2010

Novels to finish:

Lunch on the Grass

Time Lust

A Bra Full of Bullets


Women in Carver’s Stories

Carver: An Interpretative Biography

Gordon Lish and His Influence on Contemporary American Fiction

Auto-ethnographies: Essays

The Reflexive Gaze of Critifiction

American Softcore: Those Sexy Vintage Sleaze Paperbacks


First Person Sociology

Sunlight Reflections on a Crushed Beer Can

The Success of Pseudonyms

March 12, 2010

One of my pen names is currently making more book deals and selling short fiction than my “real” nym.

Sometimes I wonder about that…

RIP Barry Hannah

March 12, 2010

Was floored and bummed when I heard of the passing of Barry Hannah.

First read him back in 1988-89, in the depths of my Lish Phase, and grabbing every Vintage Contemporaries paperback I could — Airships, and then Ray and Boomerang.

I re-read Hannah often — whether it is Hannah or Gordon Lish in those sentences, some mighty powerful stuff. I am wondering if I should do a full critical book — there are only two out.

HTML Giant has a post on Hannah, and I mentioned my essay and Gordon Lish book where I discovered, when looking at the Hannah manuscripts in Lish’s archives,  that Lish had saved the career of a writer bedeviled with booze and drugs and life, and several assholes claimed it self pormo.

To paraphrase William Carlos Williams: “There are a lot of assholes [bastards] out there.”

The pettiness of the small world of writers, would be writers, and publishers never ceases to make me shake my head and shrug.

My Year of Collections

March 6, 2010

2010 has turned out to be my year of collections in book form:

The Other Eden (Dybbuk Press): Novellas.

Ourselves or Nothing (Traveller’s Companion): Poetry.

Pictures of Houses with Water Damage (Black Lawrence): short stories.

Auto-ethnographies: Toward a Systematic Sociological Introspection of Emotions (Cambridge Scholars): Socio-anthropological essays.

First Person Sociology (McFarland): Anthology of essays I have edited.