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Victorian Hijinx: Fellowship of Amorous Gentlemen

October 28, 2009


A novella of Victorian-style romps, this Fellowship of Amorous Gentlemen, is now available in print from Borgo Press here.

Amazon here.


Black Lawrence Press Collection Up for Pre-Order!

October 26, 2009

Pictures of Houses with Water Damage (Black Lawrence Press, Summer 2010) is now up on Amazon here.

Water Damage final

Carver Essay Accepted

October 14, 2009

My essay, “‘Will We Still Be Us?’ : Raymond Carver’s Short Plays” has been accepted for publication in issue 3 of The Raymond Carver Review, to be published in 2010.

I may also use it as a secondary chapter in my McFarland Carver crit book, not sure yet.

Raymond Federman is Gone

October 8, 2009

Raymond Federman, famed post-modernist surfictionist, creator of critifiction, died Tuesday, October 6.  He’d been fighting cancer for over a year.  He will be missed.

Oddly, this French citizen who had adopted America never found the kind of wide fame he enjoyed in Europe, where his books were hearlded in Italy, Germnay, Spain, France and England…in the US, he remained somewhat obscure, somewhat of a cult writer publishing with the small presses such as Fiction Collectice, Starcherone Books, and Sun and Moon Press…


He knew Samuel Beckett while in France and published extensively on Beckett. In his personal papers are Beckett manuscript never published.

I have been quite influenced by his theory of critifiction, and have published a number of critifictional works taking after the theory.

While he and I were not close friends — I was never a student of his — we ran in the same circles, crossed paths a lot over the years, emailed now and then, and I have read his work as it had come out…

RIP, Ray.