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Cover for Pictures of Houses with Water Damage

August 25, 2009

Water Damage final

Mock-up of what the cover of my Black Lawrence Press collection, Pictures of Houses with Water Damage, will most likely look like.  I love it.  Book will be out next summer — maybe a tad sooner, I hope.

Sexy Strumpets and Troublesome Trollops

August 10, 2009

Now out from Borgo Press, an imprint at Wildside Press.

Order from Amazon, too.

Strumoets and Trollops


…fill the tales (and tails) of erotic noir done only the way Michael Hemmingson can: with panache, aplomb, and sleaze!  The title alone is worth the price of admission, wouldn’t you say?  In these ten lusty and shameful yarns, Hemmingson brings you inside worlds populated by twisted men and women tormented by their sinful lust and desire.

A woman will do anything to win at a Vegas table again in “Blackjack Wanton.”  Cheating husbands and wives seek redemption in “The Lust Seekers” and sexy lawyers take on violent cases in “The Sin Seekers.”  In “Swamp Harlot,” a beautiful woman doesn’t seem to be quite human, and in “Troublesome Trollop,” a murder mystery filled with secret sex acts among London’s thespians is solved, and another murder is avenged in “Sexy Strumpet.”  Things get academically hot in “Campus Sex Circle” and a man is debased in “Shame Goddess” for his…


Some Amazon stuff

August 10, 2009

I have some new stuff on Amazon (and elsewhere):

Cover not up yet, but you can now order my new collection of erotic fictions, Sexy Strumpets and Troublesome Trollops, companion to How to Have an Affair and Other Instructions.

comfortDrama, The Dress, and The Comfort of Women available in Kindle format, and you can also get ebook versons at The Olympia Press and on Mobipocket.  Want a hardcopy paperback that Blue Moon issued some years back?  Those are still getable.

I have a story in the new anthology from Alison Tyler and Cleis Press, Pleasure Bound.

My two new books, Star Trek and William T. Vollmann, are doing well, for small press academic works.

The Watermelon Pirated!

August 10, 2009

MoiThe Watermelon is now pireated online via WiseVid, zShare, BigBuffer, Mega, and others….see here.

Would still rather ya buy a copy or rent from Netflix.

So when your film gets pirated, does that you mean you officailly arrived on the Hollywood map?

Carver Bibliographic Checklist by Michael Hemmingson

August 10, 2009

carver artThe annual hardbound journal, Resources for American Literary Studies, will publish, later this year, my bibliography of Raymond Carver’s limited editions, chaopbooks, and broadsides that are quite hard to find and hiused in specal collection libraries.  It’s a 5,200 word piece, annotated and detailed.

Since when did I, Hemmingson!, become a bibliographer?  Well, I am doing an annotated bib on William T. Vollmann for Scarecrow Press.

Mundinger-Klow Sexology Books

August 8, 2009

Check out Dr. Mundinger-Klow’s work.

Klow - Paying2