Lish/Carver/Hannah Essay

My 13,000 word essay on Gordon Lish editing both Raymond Carver and Barry Hannah has been accepted for publication in Critique: Studies in Contemporary Fiction.


I now have three or four pieces in inventory there, since summer 2007, and none have been published yet….such is the nature of academic publishing.  Good thing I’m not up for tenure or looking for a teaching gig!

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6 Comments on “Lish/Carver/Hannah Essay”

  1. patrick Says:

    When will that essay be available? I’d love to read it. Carver and Hannah have vastly different responses to Lish’s editorial role. I do like the longer, pre-Lish version of “So Much Water, So Close to Home,” and I think Lish’s editorial choices were quite misguided. But when you read Hannah’s Airships and Ray (both of which were closely and tyrannically edited by Lish), you can see the power of Lish’s “Too much said, too much dead.” Hannah admits that without Lish, there wouldn’t have been a Ray.

    • mhemmingson Says:

      Critique’s backlog is 12-24 months, so who knows. A different version will be a chapter in my book about Gordy Lish, out sometime in 2010.

  2. thechapbookreview Says:

    Hi Michael,

    I’d love to read the article on Lish. Would you email a copy to me?



    • mhemmingson Says:

      I don’t want copies floating out there prior to publication — would rather you buy the journal or the book next year. 😉

  3. thechapbookreview Says:

    Gotcha. Well, I’d be happy to review it. I’ve reviewed for Bookslut, The Collagist (forthcoming), The Diagram, The Quarterly Conversation, 3:AM Magazine, New Pages, Open Letters Monthly, The Rumpus, and Word Riot

  4. […] criticism both afoul and concise. (We recommend looking for Michael Hemmingson’s 13,000 word critical essay on Lish’s editing Carver and Barry Hannah, forthcoming later this year in the learned journal […]

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