William Vollmann Crit Book Now Out!


My book on William T. Vollmann is now out from McFarland and Company.  You can get it from the publisher or from the usual outlets like Amazon, BN.com, etc., to have and to hold.

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3 Comments on “William Vollmann Crit Book Now Out!”

  1. John Doe Says:

    I’m reading your book right now and it’s great.

    A couple of things, though:

    13 Stories & 13 Epitaphs is printed as “Epithets”.

    You mention that Bootwoman Marisa has a missing tooth. If I remember right, it is assumed that she was in juvenile detention at such a young age as to still have baby teeth since she isn’t missing a tooth when Vollmann meets her.

    • mhemmingson Says:

      I need to look back on the tooth thing — doesn’t she have a story for why it’s missing, a fight, to make her look badass?

      • John Doe Says:

        The missing tooth is the beginning of her becoming racist. A group of black girls in juvie pull her tooth out with a pair of pliers while the guards held her down. Vollmann figures she must have been 11 at the time to still have baby teeth, so my guess is that it was a baby tooth ripped out.

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