Comfort and Motion as Olympia Press New Traveller’s Companion #143


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Comfort & Motion

Reprint of an older novel I wrote in 1998-9, The Comfort of Women (Blue Moon, 2001).  A long excerpt appears in The Mammoth Book of Short Erotic Novels (Carroll and Graf, 2000; Running Press, 2007); it was once an ebook from a Canadian publisher, garnering me a much needed $600 at the time (1999).  It was in my omnibus edition, The Garden of Love (Blue Moon, 2004). I have excerpted chapters and re-fashioned them as short stories for a number of anthologies for $50-100 a pop.  Now this edition, under its original intended title.  The book is meant as an answer to Bukowski’s classic novel, Women, with a similar first paragraph.

Always good when a book you wrote a decade ago keeps bringing in revenue, albeit small portions, but money nonetheless.  That’s what your books are supposed to do for you, right?  Like The Dress, which has brought me funds from a movie option and foreign rights…would be nice to one day have a book that will always take care of you and heirs, the way Hemingway or Steinbook’s, or Henry Miller’s, books do…

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