Olympia Press

The revived Olympia Press will release some of my OOP Blue Moon titles, just as Borgo Press has. I feel Olympia has a better market base to move copies than Borgo/Wildside.  Some will be re-titled, and may use pen names, who knows. I am doing a “guide” for Olympia under an assumed name.


What’s cool is that the books emulate the classic green covers of the Traveler’s Compainion Series, and the pinks ones for Ophelia Press.nympha1

The fist two, out next week or so, will be a reprint of Drama, under a new title: Bad Karma & Kinky Sex and 80 Days in Captivity, my anon. Victorian.

I will have my House of Dreams Triology published under omne cover, probbaly with a new title like House of Lust, House of Dreams.

Over at Borgo, my crime noir, Melody, originaly wrtten for Hard Case but was not accepted, and became the frst volume of the Las Vegas Quartet, will be reissued as The Stripper.

Olympia has a long great history, first publisher of Henry Miller, Nabokov’s Lolita, Burroughs’ Junkie, Beckett’s Malloy, Malzberg’s Oracle of a Thousand Hands and Screen, plus half a dozen he did under the game Gerrold Watkins…


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2 Comments on “Olympia Press”

  1. elyk Says:

    olympia press is great – anyway you’ll let us know which books are yours?

  2. mhemmingson Says:

    They are up on Amazon…not the Olympia site yet for the $1 ebooks.

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