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Olympia Press

January 24, 2009

The revived Olympia Press will release some of my OOP Blue Moon titles, just as Borgo Press has. I feel Olympia has a better market base to move copies than Borgo/Wildside.  Some will be re-titled, and may use pen names, who knows. I am doing a “guide” for Olympia under an assumed name.


What’s cool is that the books emulate the classic green covers of the Traveler’s Compainion Series, and the pinks ones for Ophelia Press.nympha1

The fist two, out next week or so, will be a reprint of Drama, under a new title: Bad Karma & Kinky Sex and 80 Days in Captivity, my anon. Victorian.

I will have my House of Dreams Triology published under omne cover, probbaly with a new title like House of Lust, House of Dreams.

Over at Borgo, my crime noir, Melody, originaly wrtten for Hard Case but was not accepted, and became the frst volume of the Las Vegas Quartet, will be reissued as The Stripper.

Olympia has a long great history, first publisher of Henry Miller, Nabokov’s Lolita, Burroughs’ Junkie, Beckett’s Malloy, Malzberg’s Oracle of a Thousand Hands and Screen, plus half a dozen he did under the game Gerrold Watkins…


Current Projects I am Trying, TRYING to Finish and Get Out the Door, Arrarah!

January 20, 2009

1. Revisions on Star Trek TV crit monograph.

2. Finish Zombie Girls from Jupiter Attack! — novel

3. Get first 100 pages of Lunch on the Grass done to send out. Long novel.

4. Finish critical book: Women in the Stories and Life of Raymond Carver.

5.  Revise Gordon Lish book, once peer review reports come in.

6. Cyberpunk novel/future blog project for — long term project called Half Click.

7. Finish proposal for Tijuana Cartel history project and get to agent.,

8. Finish two ethnographic projects for SUNY Press.

9. Get anthology, First Person Sociology, together.

10. Start/finish iBLOGGER, monograph on blogging and symbolic interactionism/ethnometyhodology. Due end of the year to Cambridge Scholars.

11. Complete book of autoethnography essays.  Due in Fall to Cambridge Scholars.

12. Finish Vollmann bibliography. Due in April to Scarecrow Press.

13. Wim Wenders anthology…what the hell happened to that?  Overdue to Lexington Books.

14. Work on long stories for a collection of long stories. 2-3 year project.

15. Get pages together for Blue Pill novel.

16. Work on homeless issues book.

17. Find publisher for Hemingway/self psychology project.

18. Finish screenplay, North Hollywood.

19. Finish teleplay pilot, Sanchez & Kelly.

20. Find publisher for Remembering Rawanda.


I’m fucking crazy.


The Critical Essay Thang

January 20, 2009

Finally heard on my essay on the three meta-voices in the footnotes of Danielewsi’s House of Leaves, that has been with CRITIQUE since last May…it will be accepted granted I make certain changes and rewrites, which I’ll do…this will make the second piece I have there. The Vollmann essay has been in inventory since June 2007; the journal apparently has a 2 year backlog, which is not uncommon with academic journals.vollmann-notebook2

Working on revisions of an essay/chapter for an anthology of crit on Kurt Vonnegut. Mine addresses his last books: Timequake, God Bless You, Dr. Krevorkiian, A Man Without a COuntry, and Armageddon in Retrospect. The book will be out later in the year from Palgrave.