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Explicating Carver in The Explicator

December 23, 2008

Academic quarterlies are often behind in schedule — case in point, The Explicator, just issued its Summer 20o08 and Fall 2008 issues at the same time. I have work in both — three explication notes on Raymond Carver’s stories — in the Summer issue, they’re on self-image in “Intimacy” and how Gordon Lish edited “Tell The Women We’re Going;” in the Fall, on Gordon Lish’s editing “What We Talk About When We Talk About Love,” a.k.a. “Beginners,” which was the big to-do in last year’s Xmas issue of The New Yorker, with correspondence, and on-line, a play-by-play, or cut-by-cut, blow-by-blow showing of the edits.

I have essays on Carver forthcoming in Modern Language StudiesCritique, and ANQ, all the foundation for my work-in-progress Women in the Work and Life of Carver (hopefully out this time next year if I get it in to McFarland & Co. by February).


End o’ da year

December 18, 2008

Contracts to round out the end of 2008:

Two 2009 books for Cambridge Scholars:
1. Auto-ethnographies: Essays on Sytematic  Sociological Introspection, which is a more academic version of the book Borgo Press is putting out, called Auto/ethnographies: Sex, Death, and Symbolic Interaction.
2. iBLOGGER: Symbolic Interaction, the Electronic Double, and Autoethnography is the Blogosphere — a short  Baudrillardian monograph that Hampton Press said they wanted but never issued me a contract.

Two 2010 books for McFarland and Co:
1. First Person Sociology: Towards Autoethnograhy in Qualitative Research.  Anthology I am editing.
2. Raymond Carver: A Critical Biography. Long term project.

Option on Fifty Bucks
Assignment to write a series of short films for Grindhouse Online.