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Cover Art for Auto/ethnographies

October 31, 2008

My book of sociological essays, Auto/ethnographies: Sex, Death and Symbolic Interaction in the Eighth Moment of Qualitative Inquiry, is forthcoming from Borgo Press, with this cover art:

Now Out — A “Critifictional” Look at Bukowski and Carver

October 28, 2008

You can order it here.

It will be on Amazon,, etc. in a week or two…

The Dirty Realism Duo: Charles Bukowski and Raymond Carver on the Aesthetics of the Ugly

Charles Bukowski and Raymond Carver were credited as the fathers of the “Dirty Realism” genre in the 1980s—branching out from minimalism, the stripping of fiction down to the least amount of words and a concentration on the subject’s view of the object. The characters are usually run-of-the-mill, every day people—the lower and middle class worker, the unemployed, the alcoholic, the beaten-down-by-life. In this experimental monograph (in the vein of D. H. Lawrence’s Studies in Contemporary American Fiction), avantpop literary critic Michael Hemmingson examines these dirty works of Bukowski and Carver through the lens of late twentieth-century American culture and the sociological observation of the self, questioning the authority of the “I” in fiction and poetry and its relation to the eye’s gaze of the words on a page.

Hemmingson offers close readings of selected texts, deconstructing iconic works by Bukowski and Carver to point out the elements of dirty realism and mastery of the language of the common folk, proving that these two writers are an institution in American literature..

Fiction International

October 27, 2008

I have a suite of five flash fictions, “Five Freaks,” in the Freak Issue of the new Fictional International #41. Two of the stories are included in Pictures of Houses with Water Damage, a BLP 2010 title.

My Study on Gordon Lish

October 27, 2008

Gordon Lish and His Influence on Twentieth Century American Literature: the Life and Times of Captain Fiction should be out Summer 2009 from Routledge.


The Watermelon

October 27, 2008

My screenplay, The Watermelon, was made into a nifty movie by LightSong Films, directed by Brad Mays.  It made its first appearance in September, 2008, at the San Diego Film Festival.  In 2009, it will be seen in more fesitvals and, hopefully, sold to a good distribution company that will “get it out there,” as they say in the vernacular epsitomologies du les cinematique artes.

My Critical Study on William T. Vollmann

October 26, 2008

This one will be out April, 2009.


Book description at McFarland website:

Talking bugs, electricity, the founding of empires, hobos, Nazis, whores, violence, drugs, murder, secret cabals, Heaven, Hell—William T. Vollmann is a writer of enormous novels that are stuffed with entire worlds of creation and destruction. This first ever book-length critical study traces his career to date with chapters devoted to each of his novels, as well as his short stories and major nonfiction. Vollmann is a writer of obsessions, and this study concentrates on three of them—freedom, redemption, and prostitution—while arguing that the author that dwells on them is worthy of being called one of our greatest living American writers. Also included are seven interviews spanning the years 1991–2007 that reinforce the persistence of Vollmann’s attraction to these themes.

New Book of Reflexive Ethnography

October 26, 2008
Zona Norte Cover

Zona Norte Cover, Photo (c) 2008 by Chris Mirrow

Zona Norte is finally available.

Hardback published  by Cambridge Scholars in the U.K.

Next year, The Borgo Press (imprint of Wildside Press) will release a less-expensive paperback version.